Guaranteeing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

This solution includes all phases of the sales process, from identifying potential customers to after-sale actions, maximizing business and providing the best customer experience.

Based on our business intelligence, Atento pursues strategies offering greater speed and increased conversion of sales at the lowest price on the market. To do so, the company offers real-time management, which enables greater control over operations and more streamlined decision-making during the sales cycle.

We also integrate and carry out all sales management for the customers in the appropriate channel for each type of offer, whether by phone, SMS, chat, e-mail or VPA – Virtual Personal Assistance.

And also:

Door to Door (D2D): Active selling of the client's products and services. The sales consultants go to customers' homes or contact them on the street.

Point of Sale: Promotion of the client's products and services using attention-getting and dynamic activities: product tasting, promotions, distribution of merchandising or restocking shelves and selling at the point of sale.