Vivo. High Quality Signal

Vivo. High Quality Signal

Country: Brazil

When the 3G network first started to take off in Brazil, Vivo, Latin America's largest cell phone operator, recognized the need to inform customers about the advantages offered by the cell phone internet service Vivo Zap.

 Atento's solution:
Our response was to create a specialized support operation aimed at Vivo internet users, (the slogan used was "Is it Wi-Fi, is it 3G, on the mobile? At home? No, it's everything!). Having managed the Vivo Zap service, we were well aware that the customer demanded precise and immediate information. To this end we trained our teleservice agents to respond to all queries, problems or difficulties on first contact, with the aim of achieving 100% FCR (first call resolution).

Operating 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Atento call center provides assistance for customers of Blackberry, Smartmail, Placa, Modem and Minimodem products. A team of general service operators first identify whether the problem lies with the software or hardware and then immediately transfer the call to the correct connectivity support specialists.

The features that set our service apart are the state of the art processes and high levels of staff training. Atento's service team is equally qualified to assist both IT experts and customers with little knowledge of the workings of the internet.

Over the first six months of the project, the service line answered 72,000 queries, with a 36% rate of first call resolution. Thanks to these results, customer service was speeded up by 80% and satisfaction levels reached 75%.

Atento's management of the operation also provided substantial savings for Vivo over the same period. As customers became able to make fuller use of the service, the SVA (service value analysis) figures showed a marked improvement.

Thanks to Atento's staff rewards system, promotion opportunities and friendly working environment, absenteeism is low, at around 3.5% per trimester. This has been a vital factor in achieving a 96% quality index for the services supplied - one of the best results among Vivo operations.