Sony Sales Techniques

Sony Sales Techniques

Country: Brazil

To improve and differentiate Sony online sales techniques in order to increase figures.

Atento´s solution:
At Atento we have worked hard together with Sony to increase online sales. To achieve this goal we have introduced new working methods which have transformed traditional customer service into more of a consultancy style operation.

Staff Training sessions were organized in an effort to make contact with Sony customers more professional. A large number of our call center agents began working side by side with Sony staff in stores and at product launch events, in order to experience direct contact with the business and involvement with the brand. We also set up a "Sony laboratory" within the service platform and organized competitions requiring use of their products, for example a photography prize. This helped to make the training both more enjoyable and effective.

Finally, in conjunction with Sony, we introduced a very attractive variable pay scheme. Call center agents were able to achieve up to 100% monthly bonuses if targets were exceeded. This policy now extends to all the following departments: Customer Services / CRM / CS Back Office, Investigation / Technical Support / Sales, Pre-Sales /Appointments / Cross-selling.

Results were excellent, with a return on investments of 2,629.5%. The new sales and customer relations service offered by Sony saw satisfaction levels rise from 80% to 85% over six months, according to a monthly customer survey.

Atento achieved 108% of the target figure set by Sony. The quality of the service ensured a 25% increase in average customer spending, 67% rise in sales figures and 3% growth in conversion rates.

The online sales department, managed by Atento, has now become Sony's leading sales channel, producing better performance figures than any of the company's other outlets.